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20L 3000W Electric ULV Fogger Ultra Low Capacity Cold Fogging Machine (WARRANTY)

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20L 3000W Electric ULV Fogger Ultra Low Capacity Cold Fogging Machine (WARRANTHY)

Ultramicro sprayer has the advantages of time saving, medicine saving, fast, high efficiency, light weight and other advantages when it is used to prevent and cure vegetable greenhouses, lawns, flower orchards and crops.
--The wide range of uses for sprayers:
1) Standardize the immunization of aerosol in the chicken house, spray the medicine, disinfect the environment, and humidify the air.
2) Fumigation and disinfection in modern breeding industry.
3) Prevention and treatment of diseases and insect pests of high-end flowers in greenhouses.
4) Killing insects such as mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches in the furniture environment.
5) Disinfection and sterilization, air purification in public places such as hospitals, schools and stations

First, save medicine and use less water: the pesticide stock solution used in the ultra-micro sprayer, or only need to be diluted very low, so it does not require a lot of water, the spraying amount per acre is about 100 grams, not ten kilograms, so , When used, it can greatly reduce labor intensity and save labor.

Second, the droplets are evenly distributed: Ultra micro sprayer does not spray the liquid medicine directly on the plant, but uses the wind force to disperse and drift the droplets with a diameter of only a few tens of microns, so that the liquid medicine is under the action of the "micro airflow" Distribute the droplets evenly on the front, back and sides of the plant leaves. This is more lethal than pesticides diluted by adding a large amount of water to the pests, especially for certain pests that have developed resistance, and the effect is particularly good. The killing function of the pesticide stock solution is several times or even tens of times higher than that after dilution with water.

Third, the method of use is simple: the head of the arm-back sprayer is always kept at a height of about 0.5 meters above the plant. Because this type of spray gas eliminates the need for the liquid spray nozzle, the liquid flows out when the medicine box is lowered. When spraying, start from the downwind direction, and the walking path should be separated by a certain distance, which is the spray width. The spray size should be flexibly controlled according to the wind speed. When the wind speed is small, the spray liquid should be smaller, otherwise it should be larger, generally 3 to 4 meters, spraying time should be selected in the morning, afternoon, overcast Days to avoid the sun. It is best to use systemic agents and fumigants for the ultra-micro sprayer. The dosage is generally about 50 grams per mu. If the appropriate amount of water is needed, the equivalent method can be used.

Fourth, Advanced nozzle design with flow adjustment function, can also adjust the size of mist particles. The motor adopts imported famous brand products, which runs smoothly and has lower noise and longer service life. The spray distance is longer, the flow rate can be accurately controlled, the suspension time is long, and spraying without dead angle can be realized.

Voltage: 220V
Capacity: 20L
Power: 3000W
Spray distance: 15-25M
Speed: 6800(r/min)
Wire length: 1.6 meters
Product size: 62 * 43 * 25cm
Weight: 4.5kg
Features: low noise, long jet, long suspension time

Common faults and troubleshooting methods:
--The machine does not run:
1) The power cord is broken, check the power cord and socket, plug connection and eliminate the fault.
2) The machine switch is faulty, check the machine switch, turn on the switch again, and check if the circuit is loose.
3) If the host is faulty, please contact the company's after-sales service personnel. (If the motor is damaged).

--No spraying or small spray volume
1) The water inlet is not tightened. The water inlet should be tightened.
2) There are obstructions in the nozzle, and the obstructions should be removed.
3) The air supply pipe is not well sealed. Replace the air supply pipe.
4) The air inlet is blocked by debris, remove the debris.
5) The water pipe of the medicine storage box is damaged. Replace the water pipe.

--The size and diameter of atomized particles are also different due to different humidity, temperature and voltage.

Precautions for use:

1. After purchasing a mist fog machine, please select the cable and high-quality socket suitable for the mist fog machine according to the national standard, and install a leakage protector.

2. Do not add liquid over the water level line. Tighten the large cap after the addition and lift it up smoothly. You cannot bend down to take things after lifting up. Bending down will cause the mist sprayer to turn upside down and the liquid will enter the motor.

3. In the work, when the machine needs to be stopped in the middle, you must wait for the motor to stop, the air pressure is discharged, and then drop the nozzle; if the nozzle is dropped early, the air pressure is not discharged, and the liquid will flow into the pipe




Design for your offices, factories, Stores, Warehouses, Mall and School

Package included:
1 month warranty


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