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Kitchen Wall Cabinet Elevator Pull Down Black Storage Basket

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Kitchen Wall Cabinet Elevator Pull Down Black Storage Basket 

Material: Aluminium Alloys

 Rail style: Hydraulic damping

 Number of layer: Two layer

 Basket type: Seasoning basket/storage basket

 Pull basket open method: Open door

500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm, 900mm (Black)

You only need to pull it gently, and the whole basket can be lowered to the bottom of the cabinet. After use, you only need to exert a little force, and the basket will lift the basket to its original position with the help of the damping air supports on both sides.  The product booster adopts an adjustable design, and the strength of the booster is adjusted by adjusting the fixed fulcrum of the air support, which is more user-friendly to use.

Wall cabinet buffer lift pull basket, and girls can also easily push and pull, which is very labor-saving.

The lifting system with novel functions, push-pull assist, stable and smooth.

The mechanical rocker arm system allows the space of the wall cabinet to be lowered to a more convenient position for people to pick up objects.

✔ Important note :
Please be sure to re-measure the "inside width of the cabinet" before buying. It is highly recommended to consult customer service to determine the size.
✔ How to choose the size?
In order to save your time, please be sure to understand the size parameter table and choose the size according to the "cabinet width", or consult customer service to confirm the size.  
Example: If you choose 800 cabinet, the inner width of your cabinet is 760-770 mm, the corresponding cabinet door is 800mm wide, and the size of the pull basket is (width 720 * depth 140 * height 420 mm)













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